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SAIG-1 (2000)

SAIG1-1 (2000), H. Kuehl

Seismic Imaging using the Hartley Transform

SAIG1-2 (2000), H. Kuehl

Least-squares split-step migration using the Hartley Transform

SAIG1-3 (2000), H. Kuehl and M. D. Sacchi

Born-WKBJ Migration/Inversion with split-step correction

SAIG1-4 (2000), Bin Liu and M. D. Sacchi

Matching Pursuit migration and inversion of travel time tables

SAIG1-5 (2000), C. Youzwishen

A comparison of three traveltimes solvers

SAIG1-6 (2000), J. B. Gallop and M. D. Sacchi

Non-linear seismic inversion of depth dependent elastic media

SAIG1-7 (2000), Pei and M. D. Sacchi

High performance computing: applications to seismic modeling

SAIG1-8 (2000), M. D. Sacchi and M. Porsani

Fast high resolution parabolic Radon transform

SAIG1-9 (2000), M. D. Sacchi and H. Kuehl

FX ARMA Filters

SAIG1-10 (2000), M. D. Sacchi

Detection of phase variations using Eigen-coherence measures

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