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SAIG-12 (2011)

SAIG12 (2011) Table of Contents

PDF Title and Contents

SAIG12 (2011) Annual Report

Complete annual report as a single file (29M)

SAIG12-1 (2011), I. Vera Rodriguez, D. Bonar and M. Sacchi

Microseismic data de-noising using a 3C group sparsity constrained time-frequency transform

SAIG12-2 (2011), M. Naghizadeh and M. Sacchi

On optimal sampling functions for Fourier domain compressive sensing

SAIG12-3 (2011), J. Gao and M. Sacchi

Convergence improvement and noise attenuation considerations for beyond alias POCS reconstruction

SAIG12-4 (2011), N. Kreimer and M. Sacchi

A tensor higher-order singular value decomposition (HOSVD) for pre-stack seismic data noise-reduction and interpolation

SAIG12-5 (2011), J. Gao and M. Sacchi

A fast rank reduction method for the reconstruction of 5D seismic volumes

SAIG12-6 (2011), A. Stanton and M. Sacchi

Vector reconstruction of multicomponent seismic data

SAIG12-7 (2011), N. Kreimer and M. Sacchi

Tensor completion in the presence of curved events

SAIG12-8 (2011), M. Naghizadeh and M. Sacchi

Multicomponent f-x seismic random noise attenuation via vector autoregressive operators

SAIG12-9 (2011), D. Bonar and M. Sacchi

Denoising seismic data using the Non-Local Means algorithm

SAIG12-10 (2011), M. Naghizadeh and M. Sacchi

Ground-roll elimination by scale and direction guided curvelet transform

SAIG12-11 (2011), A. Hassanien, S. Vorobyov, M. Sacchi and M. Naghizadeh

A computationally efficient algorithm for high quality separation of simultaneous sources in seismology

SAIG12-12 (2011), D. Bonar and M. Sacchi

Spectral decomposition with f-x-y preconditioning

SAIG12-13 (2011), A. Anagaw and M. Sacchi

Full waveform inversion using simultaneous encoded sources

SAIG12-14 (2011), E. Bongajum, J. Boisvert and M. Sacchi

Bayesian linearized seismic inversion with locally varying anisotropy

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