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 <fc #​008000>​SAIG18 (2017) Annual Report</​fc>​\\ <fc #​008000>​SAIG18 (2017) Annual Report</​fc>​\\
-<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18r:​report18.pdf}} | Complete annual report as a single file (40.4 MB)</​WRAP>​+<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18r:​report18.pdf |  
 +Complete annual report as a single file (40.4MB)}}</​WRAP>​
 <fc #​008000>​SAIG18 (2017) Wenlei Gao </​fc>​\\ <fc #​008000>​SAIG18 (2017) Wenlei Gao </​fc>​\\
-<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18r:​chap_01.pdf}} | Random noise attenuation via randomized CP decomposition</​WRAP>​+<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18r:​chap_01.pdf | Random noise attenuation via randomized CP decomposition}}</​WRAP>​
 <fc #​008000>​SAIG18 (2017) Wenlei Gao</​fc>​\\ <fc #​008000>​SAIG18 (2017) Wenlei Gao</​fc>​\\
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