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 Complete annual report as a single file (94.6 MB)}}</​WRAP>​ Complete annual report as a single file (94.6 MB)}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-1 (2019) Wenlei Gao, Gian Matharu and Mauricio Sacchi</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_01.pdf | Fast least-squares reverse-time migration via a 
 + ​superposition of Kronecker products }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-2 (2019) Amsalu Y. Anagaw and Mauricio D. Sacchi
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_02.pdf | Regularization by Denoising (RED) with adaptive-weighted Total Variation for FWI model updates in large-contrast media }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-3 (2019) Amsalu Anagaw </​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_03.pdf | 3D Full waveform inversion for land dataset in the 
 +presence of topography variations }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-4 (2019) M. A. H. Zuberi</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_04.pdf | On the transformation and resolution of parameters in seismic full waveform inversion}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-5 (2019) G. Matharu, M.A.H. Zuberi and M.D. Sacchi</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_05.pdf | A comparison of high-resolution acoustic and elastic full waveform inversion in the western Canadian sedimen- tary basin }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-6 (2019) F. Oghenekohwo</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_06.pdf | Simultaneous time-lapse imaging with sparsity constraints}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-7 (2019) A. Ambros</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_07.pdf | Regularization by Denoising for travel time tomography }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-8 (2019) Fernanda Carozzi and Mauricio D. Sacchi
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_08.pdf | Reconstruction of cross-spread gathers via Interpolated- MSSA (I-MSSA)}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-9 (2019) Rongzhi Lin</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_09.pdf | Separation of simultaneous sources acquired with high blending fold data via coherence pass robust Radon operators}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-10 (2019) Rongzhi Lin</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_10.pdf | ADMM and IRLS methods comparison with application to simultaneous erratic noise removal and deblending
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-11 (2019) Yi Guo</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_11.pdf |Sparse Sensor Placement Optimization for Seismic Data Acquisition }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-12 (2019) Ji Li</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_12.pdf | Robust Matching Pursuit and Applications}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-13 (2019) Iliana Papathanasaki</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_13.pdf | Robust attenuation of Ground roll via scaled ADMM }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-14 (2019) Breno Bahia</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_14.pdf | Robust singular spectrum analysis via nonconvex opti- mization }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-15 (2019) Breno Bahia</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_15.pdf | Robust estimation through myriad-based operators }}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​SAIG20-16 (2019) B. Bahia, Rongzhi Lin, and Mauricio Sacchi</​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig20r:​chap_16.pdf | REDeblending:​ Simultaneous source separation via regularization by robust denoising }}</​WRAP>​
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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