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SAIG-5 (2004)

SAIG5 (2004) Table of Contents

PDF Title and Contents

SAIG5-1 (2004), Sacchi and Liu

MWNI for AVA imaging

SAIG5-2 (2004), Liu, Trad and Sacchi

Simultaneous of 3 and 4 spatial dimensions: field data example

SAIG5-3 (2004), Wang, Kuehl and Sacchi

High-Resolution Wave-Equation AVA Imaging

SAIG5-4 (2004), J. Wang and M. D. Sacchi

Sparse Least-Squares AVA/AVP migration

SAIG5-5 (2004), J. Feng and M. D. Sacchi

High Resolution Regularized Least Squares AVA Kirchhoff Migration

SAIG5-6 (2004), M. D. Sacchi

High Resolution Imaging

SAIG5-7 (2004), C. Moldoveanu-Constantinescu and M. D. Sacchi

Ground Roll Filtering Using Time Variant Radon Transforms

SAIG5-8 (2004), C. Moldoveanu-Constantinescu

Enhanced Resolution in Radon Domain Using the Shifted Hyperbola Equation

SAIG5-9 (2004), M.D. Sacchi, D.J. Verschnuur, and P.M. Zwartjes

Data Reconstruction by Generalized Deconvolution

SAIG5-10 (2004), S. Misra

Application of Generic Algorithm in Nonlinear Seismic Processing

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