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 <WRAP 60% column> <WRAP 60% column>
 +<fc #​008000>​2020 MSc, Andres Ambros Vargas </​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​publications:​theses:​Andres_2020_MSc.pdf|Regularization by Denoising applied to non-linear traveltime tomography}}</​WRAP>​
 +<fc #​008000>​2019 MSc, Minjun Park </​fc>​\\
 +<WRAP indent>​{{:​publications:​theses:​MinJun_2019_MSc.pdf|Automatic semblance velocity analysis using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)}}</​WRAP>​
 <fc #​008000>​2018 PhD, Ke Chen</​fc>​\\ <fc #​008000>​2018 PhD, Ke Chen</​fc>​\\
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