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 ---- ----
 +<fc #​008000>​Kevin Cheng and M D Sacchi</​fc>​\\
 +  * {{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18p:​fast_mssa.pdf| FSSA: Computational efficientmult-dimenensional Singular Spectrum Analysis }}
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 <fc #​008000>​Gian Matharu </​fc>​\\ <fc #​008000>​Gian Matharu </​fc>​\\
-  * {{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18p:​gian2.pdf| ​Feasibility testing of simultaneous source elastic FWI}}+  * {{:​sponsorsandstudents:​saig18p:​gian2.pdf| ​Stochastic optimization in full waveform inversion}}
 <fc #​008000>​Breno Bahia </​fc>​\\ <fc #​008000>​Breno Bahia </​fc>​\\
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