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Articles from 2000-2004

Kuehl H. and Sacchi M.D., 2003, Least-squares wave-equation migration for AVP/AVA inversion: Geophysics, 68, 262-273.

Yexin Liu and Sacchi M.D., 2003, Propagation of borehole derived properties via a Support Vector Machine (SVM), CSEG Recorder, December 2003, 54-58.

Liu B. and Sacchi M.D., 2003, Reconstruction of seismic data using adaptive regularization: Proceedings of SPIE vol.4792, Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Data II, 125-134.

Beaty, K. D.R. Schmitt, and M. Sacchi, 2002, Simulated annealing inversion of multimode Rayleigh wave dispersion curves for geological structure: Geophys. J. Int., 151, 622-671

Kuehl H. and Sacchi M.D., 2001, Least-squares wave equation migration: CSEG Recorder, 26, 8, 41-46.

Trad D., Sacchi, M.D., and Ulrych, T.J., 2001, A hybrid hyperbolic Radon Transform: Journal of Seismic Exploration, 9, 303-318.

Sacchi M., and Kuehl H., 2001, ARMA Formulation of FX Prediction Error Filters and Projection Filters: Journal of Seismic Exploration, 9, 185-197.

Trad D., Ulrych T.J. and Sacchi M.D., 2001, Accurate interpolation with high resolution timevariant Radon Transforms: Geophysics, 67, 644-656.

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